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I've found the .TAO file in the DIB folder "/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib/98227.TAO".

As expected, it's also the larger TAO file (2.6MB) as it holds over 17,000 "sync" events but many thousands of these events can be deleted.
I know the count from the "Driver Cache Inspector" in iManager.

Is there any way outside of iManager's "Driver Cache Inspector" to modify this TAO file's "sync" events?
Maybe we can stop and disabled the driver and use some custom TAO file editor? Does that exist?

If you can identify which <sync> events you want to process, or which ones you do not want to process, a quick and simple policy on the subscriber event transform could be used to quickly process and discard the unwanted events, allowing through only the ones you actually do want.