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NAM version is 4.4.4, running a single appliance

We're a GSuite School so I've setup Google as a SAML2 IdP in NAM. The authentication is working as expected but the user does not get redirected to the protected resource, the following is the flow the user is getting

  1. User tries to access a resource while not authenticated to NAM
  2. User is redirected to NAM login, showing standard username/password form
  3. User selects the Google auth card
  4. SAML2 succeeds with Google (either automatically as already signed in or after a google sign in, does not matter which)
  5. User ends up at a NAM page saying "Your session has been authenticated."

Not sure what I've got wrong in the setup, if the user then tries to access a protected resource after this all works fine as the user is authenticated to NAM. I would have expected the user to be redirected back to the requested protected resource. If the user at step 2 signs in with the local username/password they get redirected to the protected resource no problem.

Thanks for any help, first SAML2 IdP I've ever set up in NAM
Under the SAML configuration on the IdP, you can set the contract to use....change this to the Social Login (Google)....hopefully that should resolve the redirect issue....