After last night update to GMS build 483 (May'2 updated to 18.1.1 481) morning users start to notifying me that device calendars "collect" items from all calendars. No possibility to switch off viewing of some calendars connected to user mailboxes in Multiuser view (that's conference rooms calendars, company meeting calendars). Users have problem to identify private items.
One or two iPhone users told me, that they are able to switch off unneeded calendars from displaying items on their phones. On some Android devices calendar apps allow to switch off viewing unneeded calendars, but on rest not. Anyway on Android switched off or on all items still displayed.
Also unmarking "calendar folders" from Management portal for users is ineffective.
Found, that difference 481/483 were Address Book sync problems. We have long weekend before Sunday, so I couldn't confirm that problem no occurred also in 481 build, but due to vacations were not reported.

Anyone found similar problem after GMS upgrade to 18.1.1 ?

Maciej Wojciechowski