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Am 10.05.19 um 03:04 schrieb matt:
> I currently have a Filr 3.4 implementation and I'm trying to limit user
> viability.
> For the vast majority of the users, I want NO visibility. I don't want
> them to show up in the list and I don't want them to be able to see
> anyone except for a select group of users. I have 35,000 users I want
> totally hidden and 10,000 I want visible.
> I've been looking at the limit user visibility settings and I can't see
> how to accomplish this.
> What am I missing?

I assume you use an LDAP user repository. Create a group e.g. 'FiLRUser'
and make the wanted users members of them.

Then filter via LDAP.

Yes, using eDirectory.

I want all the users to still be able to use Filr, I just don't want them all showing up in the visible user list.

So would I create a group and give it limited visibility and only users in that group will be visible to everyone?