Am 10.05.19 um 09:14 schrieb nntp-user:
> Hi,
> there is a iPrint environment which runs perfect :-)
> But the management of printer drivers for Windows is a pain.
> (Win10 LTSB/C with iE11)
> With the newest OES2018SP1 and the delivered iManager we have a fuzzy
> issue:
> When using IE to manage printer driver we have to configure 'no Proxy'
> in IE or -when Proxy is configured- we have to remove all excludes from
> the proxy config.
> If we not do so we get an destroyed Webpage design, so working with that
> is not possible.

For the records:

It seems that this symptoms occur if the iManager certifikate store is
corrupt after the upgrade from OES2018 -> 2018SP1

Check server certificates, stop novell-tomcat and delete the iMKS file

After a restart the iManager get the new certifikate and the symptoms
above are went ... ?!?