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and what i'd be interested in as well, how can i force reloading of the http-stack?
dhostcon.exe on windows does not work correctly (edir 9.0.3), Bug 1052716 was filed for that in 2017.

this still seems not adressed to date (at least not listed in https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7016794).

PS C:\novell\nds> .\dhostcon.exe unload httpstk
DHost Console for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.3 (40005.12.)

ERROR-DHOSTCON-FFFFE8A9(-5975): Module "HTTPSTK" is already unloaded
PS C:\novell\nds> .\dhostcon.exe modules
DHost Console for NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.3 (40005.12.)

Module               Description
DHOST.EXE            NetIQ eDirectory Operating Environment Host Process
DCONSERV.DLM         NCPX Console Server
DHLOG.DLM            DHost Logger
DS.DLM               Directory Agent for NetIQ eDirectory
DSLOADER.DLM         Loader Service for NetIQ eDirectory
EMBOX.DLM            eDirectory Management Tool Box Engine
GAMS.DLM             Graded Authentication Management Service
HCONSERV.DLM         HTTP Console Server
HTTPSTK.DLM          HTTP Protocol Stack
NCPENGINE.DLM        NCP Protocol Stack
NDSIMON.DLM          iMonitor for NetIQ eDirectory
NDSSNMP.DLM          SNMP support for eDirectory
NICIEXTWX64.DLM      Server NICI NCP Handlers
NLDAP.DLM            eDirectory LDAP Server
NMAS.DLM             NetIQ Modular Authentication Service
PKI.DLM              NetIQ Certificate Server
SASL.DLM             Simple Authentication and Security Layer
SPMDCLNT.DLM         spmdclnt
PS C:\novell\nds>
is there another way to restart http-stack or does one need to restart nds?

thanks. florian.
Try unload/load on the ndsimon.dlm module. I think that's what ou need on this.