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Thread: Can I set TN3270 ConnectionTimeout in v16.1.125

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    Question Can I set TN3270 ConnectionTimeout in v16.1.125

    Can anyone help.

    I'm a new upgrade to MF Reflection from Attachmate Extra!
    When using Attachmate Extra! , I used to be able to set a connection timeout to say 2 seconds, before moving onto the alternative connection addresses. That meant I could go through a list of 4 connection servers in a few seconds. But I can't find a similar Timeout setting in in Reflection. The timeout is around 60 seconds which means I can take up to 5 minutes before I get control back

    I can't see a similar setting in the connection settings or backup connection settings.

    I have seen a "connectionTimeout" setting in XML in .r3dx document file but I cant edit it in notepad without making the r3dx file unusable.

    I'm sure this can't been omitted so I think there must be a way to do it.
    Thanks in advance

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