I'm trying to resolve an issue with HTML emails not displaying correctly in the GW client.

I've sent a similar email to two separate organisations, on on GW 2012 SP3, and the other on GW 2014.2.1, and both reported that the email looked like a black box as shown here:

The result is that the email couldn't' be read! But depending on the screen, there is faint lettering in the black rectangle.

I suppose it's something to do with the html rendering in the GW client because in all cases when I switched the view to plain text, the black box disappeared and the email was readable.

The emails looked OK when they are displayed in GW Web Access, Gmail and Outlook etc.

I checked the Options in the GW client but couldn't find anything that may help.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this? Is there any way to make the GW client render HTML to correctly read these emails?

- Gordon