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shaunglass wrote:

> I have set the ciphers to high for the ldap server ?

Can you post the output of "ldapconfig get" so we can see what Edir actually
sees as configuration?


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As follows :

LDAP Server Configuration:
LDAP Server: CN=LDAP Server - srv005648.OU=servers.O=services
LDAP Group: CN=LDAP Group - srv005648.OU=servers.O=services
LDAP Screen Level: Connection| Error| Critical
searchSizeLimit: 0
searchTimeLimit: 0
LDAP Server Bind Limit: 0
LDAP Server Idle Timeout: 0
LDAP Enable TCP: no
LDAP Enable SSL: no
filteredReplicaUsage: 0
LDAP:keyMaterialName: onlineds-mnt-ad
nonStdClientSchemaCompatMode: no
ldapNonStdAllUserAttrsMode: yes
sslEnableMutualAuthentication: no
ldapEnablePSearch: yes
ldapMaximumPSearchOperations: 0
ldapIgnorePSearchLimitsForEvents: yes
ldapTLSTrustedRootContainer: .CN=Trusted Roots.CN=Security.T=ONLINEDS-MNT.
ldapTLSVerifyClientCertificate: 0
ldapEnableMonitorEvents: yes
ldapMaximumMonitorEventsLoad: 0
ldapTLSRequired: no
ldapBindRestrictions: 177 (Disallow Anonymous Bind)
ldapGeneralizedTime: no
ldapPermissiveModify: no
ldapInterfaces: ldap://:389,ldaps://:636
Require TLS for Simple Binds with Password: no
LDAP:searchReferralUsage: Prefer Chaining
LDAPtherReferralUsage: Prefer Chaining

Product Version: eDirectory for Linux x86_64 v8.8 SP8 [DS]