The USB Stick would be accessible by any other Windows device....even one w/o the ZCM Agent.
ZCM uses Bitlocker to manage the encryption of the device.

The only limitation is that the other device has to support Bitlocker and the Encryption level.
Some of the highest encryption levels are not supported on older operating systems.
It is also possible that the bitlocker services were disabled on a PC...which they are not by default.

However, I use my ZESM Data Encryption Policy on my Work Computer and encrypt my Work USB.
I take that same stick to my families PC's running Windows 7 and 10 and access the files no problem....after being prompted for a password.
Those PCs do not have any ZCM software installed.

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We use a Data Encryption Policy to encrypt USB sticks. The problem is that it is not possible to access the data on a device that does not have the policy. The files are visible, but a message indicating that they are corrupted appears when you open the files.

Does the Data Encryption Policy have to be associated with a device in order to access encrypted USB keys?

We use Zenworks agent version

Thank you!