I have some messages sitting in my smtp receive queue on one of my primary GWIAs. In the old days I could locate these files but now I'm mystified. I know messages would have an x as the first letter in the name indicating it's in transit. I search the file system where I think the files should be and come up blank. What am I missing?

Queue Information
Count Oldest Message
Outbound Message Queues 0
Inbound Message Queues 0
SMTP Send Queue 0
SMTP Receive Queue 4 04-08-19 14:45:15
Delayed Message Queue 0

Message File Size Date/Time
x7e5bac5.930 4591 04-08-19 14:45:15
xe36bac5.017 427 04-08-19 15:08:25
x897bac5.389 3315 04-08-19 16:40:46
xbf7bac5.474 403 04-08-19 17:06:56