Recently keep facing some disconnection in reflection for SecureIT for Windows.
I tried to look solutions and workaround for the error but end up cannot find anything related to that.

The error log:

000000118098 2019-05-10 15:11:59.117 5036 XXXX:[Warning][20094] sshd.cpp:LoginProc(5558) The client has been disconnected, we sent the following disconnect reason: SSH_DISCONNECT_PROTOCOL_ERROR, description: packet length too large (2486619118), may be decryption problem
000000118099 2019-05-10 15:11:59.117 5036 XXXX:[Info][30050] Session server 3693: Closing session server.

I try to search on this error but not much things I can get.
And this error is happening intermittent (maybe twice a month).

Anyone having this issue before and have the solution?
Can kindly advise for this? or any help?