geoffc thnx for reply.

I wasn't sure what You mean by
They still support form and workflows, it is just the old interface you are used to is moved
, so I've installed 4.7 and patched it to 4.7.2. Now I can see that there is no way to access IDMProv anymore. On idmdash I cannot see a way to launch old custom PRD forms. I can make a request for resources/roles (from Access menu), connect custom acceptance workflow with roles, but nothing about launching old PRD.
Previously I was able to build PRD forms with ECMA. The behavior and logic was limited only by ECMA, methods and imagination. Right now all I can see is, that I can request roles/resources from Access menu by choosing user/group/team and resource/role. Is there a different place where I can use previously created PRD's (something that I cannot see)?

For instance I have a PRD form that have a text field where, after choosing a user, I can put list of roles to grant/remove (for instance 200 roles to grant). Can I still use this PRD? Or do I have to type all of the 200 roles in request from Access menu?