I don't think it matters for this case, but keep in mind ZCM 11.4.x has been out of support for quite a long time.

You may want to review all the FW rules.....

1- The "Explanation" now includes information specific to server and client environments and configuring Office 365 for updates.

2- Step 2, provided below, is new content, and it also provides a link to a Cool Solutions article on this subject.

"If you have ZENworks Agent clients in the zone that use Microsoft Office 365, configure those clients to receive Office 365 updates natively.

For information about how Patch Management works with Office 365, see the Cool Solutions article Patching Microsoft Office 365."

- Article URL: https://www.novell.com/communities/c...ft-office-365/

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we are using patchmanagement for deploying office 365 monthly channel
this works perfectly till version O365 v1811
probably microsoft has changed something.
has anyone experience with deploying O365?
how dous ZCM deploys this patch? any logging available?

thanks Andi

ZCM 11.4.1, SLES 12.3