Sorry for the extended delay in the response. IT is a tiny fraction of what I do, and new IT work falls to when other fires have been reduced to smoldering. To be sure, I tried the process over again starting with the psql -U postuser < "postgresql-create-empty-database.sql"
and got
# ERROR: database "sitescape" already exists

so I can validate I previously got that far, and expect I followed through the rest. Given the passage of time, I can't be sure however and in the interim 4.06 has been published. I think it will be safest to try dropping the database sitescape and starting over again. If I fail to find a way to do that I'll uninstall postgres and reinstall.

I'd like to make the note that I find the installation instructions below the norm of what I've come to expect from Novell/Microfocus. Clearly this is a maturish product, but the installation manual has the feeling of a first draft written to try and hastily catch up with the changes in the versions over time. As I noted before, you shouldn't be arriving at step 11.1.3 only to be told that the dB you selected in 10.0 is not the one Microfocus recommends for a Basic Vibe installation. This caused me to have to backtrack and may well have lead to my current impasse.

The fundamental organization problem of the manual is that the text of chapters 10 and 11 are trying to advance four threads of installation (two different DB choices on two different OS's) in parallel. Each has unique requirements but mashing them together like the current manual does makes picking out what applies to you in the installer much harder than if there were four simple(r) linear threads, each dedicated to a single DB/OS choice. As I recall, this how for instance the GroupWise manuals are currently written, not to mention that current GroupWise installation wizards are so comprehensive there is no need for the type of dense installation activity apparently required by Vibe.

The 2 cents of a harried exceptionally part-time admin (who started running his company on Novell ELSII 30 years ago).

Thank you for your time.