I encourage everyone to read this column in its entirety. Especially
the reader feedback comments.

In my reading of the column & the feedback, I've found an obvious trend.
People are keeping their existing OS as opposed to migrating to Vista.
Also, there is a slow but steady move away from M$ to OS X & Linux. I
wasn't sure how much of a migration to Vista existed but the reader
feedback make it very clear. Little to none.


ROBERT X. CRINGELY July 11, 2007

Up for adoption: Windows Vista
Filed under: Microsoft Madness

Well, it's been six months since the second biggest tech debut of the
year, Windows Vista. (OK, five months and 12 days, for those of you who
are counting). How's has it gone?

The good news: Security companies like Zone Alarm have, finally, shipped
Vista compatible versions of their software. Hardware drivers are
gradually rolling out.

Yet Microsoft still felt compelled to issue talking points that OEMs
could use to convince customers not to wait for SP1 before taking the
Vista plunge. And corporate customers have been clamoring for easier
ways to downgrade from Vista to XP so loudly that Microsoft actually
heard them and simplified the process (PDF file).

A noteable reader comment ...
As an IT consultant, vehement dissatisfaction with Microsoft products
hasn't been new for over ten years.

What is new is this, firms that would never consider anything but and
Windows environment are now actively testing Linux alternatives to both
MS server and desktop environments.

IT professionals I know are now running Mac Desktop environments to
manage Windows shops and aren't looking back.

I'm here for the long hall so I'll be supporting whatever gets thrown my
way however, I'm starting to support a lot more Mac and Linux
environments than I used to.