I'm on the 21st floor of a sky rise in downtown Miami, trying to make a
phone call from my cell phone. The connection keeps getting dropped, my
reception is barely at one bar. I get better reception in the elevator.
Why should we have to deal with this $%!* in this day and age? I mean
aren't cell phones standard issue now? Shouldn't they have the bugs
worked out. Take a look at the product line that most cell phone
companies offer. What in the world would someone need that selection of
phones for? Really, why should we care which technology it uses to make
the call, just make the d^%& call!!! why not work on a single network
that f&%^$*&% works instead of putting useless features on phones that
are disposable. AHHH this kind of stuff makes me so ripped.

I'm off to find some drywall to punch holes into....