Recently, I was the recipient of a couple of Amex gift cards - nice way
to do this. :-)

I decided that in addition to my Blackberry (which is now upgraded to the
new OS and I like a lot), a GPS that works with it via Bluetooth would be
nice. I've ordered (and should take delivery, tomorrow, unfortunately -
so I won't get it until after I've driven home from Provo) the Garmin 10x
GPS for Blackberries. Looks like a nice small unit, good battery life,
and features that will do what I want. Doesn't plug into the car, so we
can use it outside (we've been talking about getting involved in
Geocaching as an outdoor activity to participate in - so battery-powered
GPS is a must). Looking forward to trying it out.

Then I discovered that my iPod's FM transmitter had died (I had an iTrip
- good unit, but the connector plugged into the top of my iPod Mini,
which means it can break - and lo, it DID break). The new one is a
Belkin TuneBase. Plugs into the car's lighter socket, displays on-screen
on the iPod.

Downsides: US frequency range is limited and the frequency I used for my
iTrip isn't on the list. Not many open frequencies in SLC, and the unit
doesn't have a built-in seek function, so had to tune around the band to
find open stations.

Upside: Discovered the unit is dual-locale, US and Japan, and the
Japanese frequencies overlap the US frequencies at the low end of the
scale - so I was able to select my clear frequency after all. It
remembers the setting even after setting the country back to US (since
broadcasting at 70 MHz wouldn't be helpful anyways in the US). Also can
adjust the volume out of the device (the "broadcast volume"), so in
combination with the frequency I use and the volume, I get virtually no
static - at least no more than the iTrip did.

Additional upside - it charges the iPod, so the battery life no longer
limits the use of the transmitter. The iTrip is a draw on the iPod's
battery, so shortens it.

All in all, seems like a good purchase so far.